Analyst Membership Requirements

  •  A person who by training, education and/or experience, is proficient in reviewing, analyzing and writing about the communications technology industry and related services and products.

  • Actively practices the profession of a Communications Technology Analyst, whose clients shall include industry vendors and end users for whom he/she provides professional analysis, consulting, opinions and insights on a wide range of communications technology products, services and trends.

  • A person who receives no financial benefit from the sale of equipment, devices, software, or transmission service and has no ownership interest in, partnership interest in, or is an employee of any organization that does.  However, a Communications Technology Analyst may own an application or software for use in the analyst's practice, and may sell this software to other analysts or consultants for use in their practices, but not to the general public.  In addition, the analyst may charge a fee for customizing such software for the benefit of an individual clients as long as copies are not made and sold or licensed to other clients for a fee, unless such sale or licensing is part of a consulting engagement.

Analyst Membership - $575

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