Kari's Law, Ray Baum's Act, and NG911 

The following SCTC Fireside Chat on Kari’s Law, is a discussion of how Kari’s Law came about. The recording is detailed and at times graphic in its nature, and will move you of the importance of this law.

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SCTC's Importance in this Law:

  • Mark Fletcher, VP of Public Safety Solutions, 911Inform – Mark, along with Hank, was instrumental in bringing Kari’s Law to fruition. Mark has been a champion for E911 for over 12 years and will share his insights as an industry E911 expert. Both Mark and Hank were in the White House Oval Office when Kari’s Law was signed.
  • Martha Buyer, Attorney for SCTC and private clients – Martha has been also been instrumental behind the scenes with E911 policy and understands the obligations of the new law.

More Information Regarding Kari's Law:

Kari’s Law, RAY BAUM’S Act, and NG911 are now front and center. All major system upgrades and new UC systems require 911 or 9-911 to be dialed from anywhere, as of Feb 16, 2020 (Kari’s Law, now a Federal Law). Geography as to where the call originated and who to notify are key elements part of RAY BAUM’S Act. And NG911, what the PSAP will be providing, will enhance emergency number services to create a faster, more resilient system that allows voice, photos, videos and text messages to flow seamlessly from the public to the 911 network. NG911 specifically supports new IP-based 911 systems, and implementing NG911 will require the coordination of a variety of emergency communication, public safety, legislative and governing entities.

  • Hank Hunt, Kari Hunt’s (Kari’s Law) father – The new law is named for Hank Hunt’s daughter. In 2013, Kari was killed by her estranged husband in a Marshall, Texas hotel room. Kari's nine-year-old daughter was in the room and repeatedly attempted to reach assistance by dialing 911 from the phone in the hotel where they were staying. None of her calls ever went through. Why? The hotel phone required guests to dial an extra digit before calling outside the hotel—even for 911. Hank has made it his mission since then to fix this shortcoming and has been instrumental in transforming his daughter’s tragedy into Federal Law