Members Can Join the Following SCTC Committees:

Committee Members List:
Have a question? Contact either Lead 1 and Lead 2, who are the primary contacts for the committee

Annual Conference Committee: They are coordinating all the logistics of our annual conference - venue and detail conference planning.

Robert Harris Lead 1 Robert Harris
Chuck Vondra Lead 2 [email protected]
Frank Tersigni Member

[email protected]

Marsha Bailey Member Twilio
Dave Clardy Member Mitel 
Barb Grothe Member [email protected]

Audit/Expense SIG Committee ( **not the full list, just main AEM committee): 

Greg Pittman Lead 1 [email protected]
Jane Laino Lead 2 [email protected]
Barb Grothe Member [email protected]
Gary Lisbon Member [email protected]
Art Yonemoto Member [email protected]
Lee Balaklaw Member [email protected]
Denise Munro Member [email protected]
Cyndi Crews Member [email protected]
Hamid Nabavi Member [email protected]

Recruitment Committee: Main two contacts when you have questions on any member recruitment (VAC or SCTC).

Barb Grothe
SCTC Relationship Manager
Lead 1 [email protected]

Chuck Vondra
SCTC President

Lead 2 [email protected]

Membership Committee:  This committee reviews and approves new members and their applications.

Greg Pittman Lead 1 [email protected]
Denise Munro Lead 2 [email protected]
Cheryl Graber Member [email protected]
Dave Clardy Member Mitel
Rick Hathaway Member [email protected]
Robert Harris Member [email protected]
John Lambert Member [email protected]
Bobra Bush Member [email protected]


Marketing Committee: They handle our brand, logos and all digital publishing, all marketing initiatives. Working closely with the website committee.

Melissa Swartz Lead 1 [email protected]
Barb Grothe Lead 2 [email protected]
Jon Arnold Member [email protected]
Art Yonemoto Member [email protected]


Infrastructure Committee: They handle all matters related to the website and other infrastructure; working closely with the marketing committee for consistency in messaging and branding.

Cheryl Odee Helm Lead 1 [email protected]
Jon Arnold Lead 2 [email protected]
Barb Grothe  Member [email protected]
Nancy Gates Member Primas Group
Art Yonemoto Member [email protected]
Fran Blackburn Member Supports SCTC VAC and Membership
Dick Kaufman Member [email protected]

Education Committee: They handle educational webinars for VAC and work on the Fireside Chats planning also. 

Greg Pittman Lead 1 [email protected]
Nancy Gates Lead 2 Primas Group
Steve Leaden Member [email protected]

Long-Term Conference Committee:  They are looking at venues for the next two to three years out for the annual SCTC conference.

Beth English Lead 1 [email protected]
Hamid Nabavi Lead 2 [email protected]
Dave Clardy Member Mitel
Chuck Vondra Member [email protected]
Steve Leaden Member [email protected]

Regional Coordinators:
 These committee members coordinate yearly smaller regional conferences meetings

Cheryl Odee Helm Canada / Great Lakes  [email protected]
Ken Kravitz Western US [email protected]
Denise Munro Southwest US [email protected]
OPEN Mid-Atlantic/North Eastern US
Dave Mailer UK / Europe [email protected]